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Leading Transportation Service Provider for the Airline Industry in the UK, specializing in helping disrupted passengers solve delays, cancellations, and other travel problems. Our mission is to reduce the stress and inconvenience experienced by passengers in such situations and ensure a smooth journey with the airlines.

Airline Support for Distressed Passengers

At GTS, we know how stressful and inconvenient it can be for passengers to face flight disruptions due to weather, technical, or operational issues. That is why we offer a fast and efficient transportation service to assist airlines in handling such situations and providing a positive experience for their customers.

We work in alignment with the airlines’ processes and policies to ensure a smooth and seamless transfer of passengers from the airport to the hotels and back. We follow these simple and easy steps:

As soon as we receive a notification from the airline about a delayed or cancelled flight, we contact them to confirm the number of distressed passengers who need transportation.

We need pickup details (terminal, baggage, passenger names) and hotel drop-off info (hotel name, address, contact number).

Our vehicles and drivers are dispatched promptly to airports and hotels. We guarantee clean, comfortable, and spacious rides for passengers and their luggage.

We pick up passengers from the airport and take them to the hotel. We inform them of the return collection time, aligned with their flight schedule, and share our contact information for any questions or concerns.

We regularly update airline ground staff on passenger transfer status, informing them when passengers are dropped off at the hotel and when they're ready for pickup.

We pick up passengers from the hotel, ensuring they arrive at the airport at least three hours before their flight, and provide luggage assistance and guide them to their check-in counter.

We notify airline ground staff that all passengers are at the airport and express gratitude for choosing GTS as their preferred transportation provider.

Support for Distressed Passengers:

we understand the stress and inconvenience passengers endure when facing flight disruptions caused by weather, technical, or operational issues. That's why we provide a swift and efficient transportation service, partnering with airlines to manage these situations and deliver a positive customer experience. Our approach is fully aligned with airlines' processes and policies, guaranteeing a seamless transfer of passengers to and from hotels, ensuring their comfort and peace of mind.

Current Airline Support:

GTS is a trusted transportation partner for three international airlines in the UK. We specialize in efficiently transporting distressed passengers to hotels in London, located near major airports. With over 23,000 successful passenger transfers, including airport and hotel destinations, weddings, corporate events, and more, our flexible fleet ensures reliable service. Committed to excellence, we aim to be the leading transportation provider for the airline industry in the UK and beyond.

Plan for 2024

Our Aim and Goal is to offer our services across the Atlantic.


Our Solutions

Problem: Flight Delays and Cancellations

Our Solution:
We specializes in supporting disrupted passengers by providing fast and efficient transportation services to assist airlines in handling such situations, ensuring a positive experience for their customers.

Problem: Coordinating Passenger Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Our Solution:
We works closely with airlines to ensure a smooth and seamless transfer of passengers from the airport to the hotels and back, following a structured process to meet passenger needs.

Problem: Passenger Distress during Flight Disruptions

Our Solution:
We dispatches vehicles and drivers promptly, offering reliable transportation services to minimize passenger distress and provide a positive travel experience.

Problem: Contacting Airlines for Distressed Passengers

Our Solution:
We contacts airlines as soon as they receive notifications about delayed or canceled flights, ensuring effective communication and collaboration.

Problem: Pickup and Drop-Off Details

Our Solution:
We requests detailed information from airlines, including passenger names, pickup locations, and hotel contact details, to streamline the process.

Problem: Timely Passenger Transfer

Our Solution:
We collects passengers from the airport and notifies them of their return collection time, ensuring they arrive at least three hours before their outbound flight departure.

Problem: Communication with Ground Staff

Our Solution:
We maintains open communication with airline ground staff, providing updates on passenger transfers and ensuring a seamless process.

Problem: Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Our Solution:
We is committed to delivering high-quality transportation services that meet the expectations and standards of the airline industry, contributing to passenger satisfaction and loyalty.

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